Eddie Davis

Eddie Davis

“Thank You Lord for Another Beautiful Day!” “Yes Cerritos!” “Okie Dokie” “Good Deal!” “Viva Los Doyers!” “Speedy Gonzales!” “I was born at night but not last night!” “Momma didn’t raise no fool!” “10-4!” “1-2-3 duh!” “Mercy!” “Oh mylanta!” “Oh my Gatos!” “Provecho!” “Momma!” “Sweetness!” These are just a few sayings that Eddie would say!
In 1969 the first man ever walked on the moon, that same year Adrian & Madeline Davis welcomed their first child a baby boy Adrian (Eddie) Paul Davis Jr. into the world.
For 8 years it was just the three of them. Then Madeline was expecting another child, when Eddie was asked what he wanted a brother or sister his reply was that he wanted a monkey. Two sisters later he was a fun, loving protective big brother! As a child Eddie was calm, free spirited, easy going and a jokester.
Eddie’s first job as a young teenager was a paper boy - every weekday after school he would fold the newspapers with help from Nana & Tata Davis he hopped on his bike he and go make his deliveries. He took great pride in doing so. Eddie loved and enjoyed playing outdoors with all his cousins, which I was told by his cousin Baby Joe, he remembers going to visit his nana and tatas out at Rancho Sespe. They gathered up oranges and threw them at semi trucks passing by they never told that to anyone, when mom (Madeline) noticed it, they just glanced over at one another. Eddie liked the fishing and camping trips he took with his uncles and also loved spending the night with his Nina Ruby, as he would be there often.
As Eddie got older his high school years he really made a mark on the class of ’87, he had so many friends and people he touched in little and big ways, his character was one of a kind, so special, social butterfly. His classmates recognized this early on and he gained the nick name “Gumball!” He filled his pocket with gumballs and the name would stick with him for the rest of his life.
In 1990 Eddie met Marina whom became his wife in 1991 they as a couple had daughters Candace and Alle, and son Jordan our family was now complete. Eddie was a loving husband, father, provider, hard worker, devoted, selfless, our rock and strength for all the years to come. On August 17th 2019 we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.
Dad loved us from day 1 as a young man he was ready to give us his all and that’s exactly what he did everyday since we were in our diaper days to guiding us through growing up. It couldn’t have been done without him there. We have countless memories of laughs, fights, parties and holidays that we’ll never forget. One memory out of many we have was a birthday party we had a sleepover and he passed out drunk in the living room so we decided to put some makeup on him and paint his nails and toe nails. He woke up and we ran away laughing, he loved keeping us entertained and making sure we had our fun and had good birthdays. Like mom said he was our rock, our warrior, our selfless and loving Dad that will forever be in our hearts.
Eddie is survived by his loving wife Marina, daughters Candace and Alle (Art), son Jordan (Courtney), grandkids Isabella, Martin, Audrina, Gaby, Caleb, Aaliyah, Ava, Angela, Destiny, Mya and Mika. He is also survived by his father Adrian, sisters Debbie (Marcelo) and Valerie (Pal Larry) and numerous nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and countless cousins.
We find comfort in knowing that Eddie is now in the loving arms of his mother Madeline.
Services will be held at Bardsdale Cemetery January 17th at 12pm 1698 S. Sespe Rd. Fillmore Ca 93015.