Yard of the Month Award
Janet and John Foy's Yard of the Month.
Janet and John Foy's Yard of the Month.

Janet and John Foy, of 437 Saratoga, Fillmore, have been chosen to receive the Civic Pride Vision 2020 “Yard of the Month” award for November. They will have the colorful “Yard of the Month” sign posted in their yard for the month and will also enjoy using an Otto & Sons’ Nursery gift certifi cate, generously donated by the nursery.

John had helped build the front porch and remodel the kitchen on this California bungalow even before they bought the place in 1983. He did all the “hardscape” in the beautifully balanced front yard, but it was Janet who was inspired to design the landscaping with an inviting approach to the front door.

Janet and a friend had taken two classes, “Landscape Planting and Design” and “Environmental Horticulture” at Ventura College before both redesigned their yards. The classes served the Foys well with a designed yard that
complements their home.

The curved and raised borders on each side of the yard have many drought tolerant plants such as Pineapple guava, Jerusalem sage, yellow Daylilies, Rock Rose, and Yarrow. Culinary herbs like rosemary, and thyme spilling from a clay pot, mingle with edible strawberries and onions. Pink Powder Puff shrubs (Calliandra) make a show on each side of the white rail fence as you enter the yard. A row of Gingko trees lining the street await a good freeze to display their fall colors.