: Two subjects arrested after a tire slashing spree.

Melissa Bravo and Denise Ybarra were identified as the suspects in a tire slashing spree spanning three separate evenings. Bravo and Ybarra caused more than $4,000 in damages to at least twelve different vehicles.

Deputies from the Camarillo Police Station responded to numerous reports of vehicles with their tires slashed throughout the city of Camarillo. The victims reported their tires were slashed during the late evening hours of 05/06/2023, into the early morning hours of 05/07/2023.

This crime spree was linked with two additional cases of tire slashings in the city of Camarillo. These two incidents occurred on 04/11/2023, and 04/20/2023. These crimes were linked based on the similarity of how the tires were slashed and the same vehicle being involved.

In all of these cases, the sidewall of the tires were punctured. The puncture mark was in a straight line consistent with being stabbed by a knife. Some of these individual investigations had video surveillance that captured the complete incident, the suspects, or the suspect vehicle.

Detectives from the Camarillo Investigations Bureau reviewed all the associated video surveillance from each crime. After reviewing the video surveillance, detectives were able to identify the vehicle and the suspects involved in the crimes. The suspects were identified as Melissa Bravo and Denise Ybarra.

On 05/24/2023, Melissa Bravo was stopped while driving her Jetta in the unincorporated area Somis. During a subsequent search of Bravo’s Jetta, detectives located two kitchen knives and one folding pocketknife. Detectives determined these were the knives used to puncture all the victims’ tires. Bravo was arrested and booked at the Main Jail.

On 06/28/2023, Denise Ybarra turned herself in at the Camarillo Police Station. Ybarra was arrested and booked at the Main Jail.

Bravo and Ybarra were charged with PC 182(a)(1)- Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, six counts of PC 594(b)(1)- Vandalism Over $400 and five counts of PC 594(b)(2)(A)- Vandalism Under $400. Bravo and Ybarra are currently out on bail with a pending court date of 07/21/2023.

Report Number: 3-49724
Location: Various locations in the city of Camarillo
Date & Time: 04/11/2023, 04/20/2023, and 05/07/2023
Unit(s) Responsible: Camarillo Patrol Services, Camarillo Investigations Bureau
(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (P)arty, (D)ecedent

Bravo, Melissa Jasmine Camerillo 28
Ybarra, Denise Nicole Oxanrd 29

Prepared by: Detective Kris Doepking
Approved by: Captain Jason Hendren