A Soldier Went Home Today…

By Helen Weathers
[Helen is a contracted forensic expert teaching the Afghanistan nationals fingerprint technology. She will be there for six months]

A soldier went home today.....only he was not at the end of his leave, he was not getting excited about going home to the civilian life he left to be a soldier, he was not going home to see the smiles on his family's face, yet he was going home.
He was going home for the last night in an American flag draped silver box. As I watched hundreds of soldiers line the main road at the base called 'Disney', I was reminded why I am doing what I'm doing and the reasons that I have left my family. I had to hold back my tears since I was told crying in public is a sign of weakness. I did not want to shed tears of sorrow, rather tears of respect and admiration for this soldier I did not know. This soldier knew dying was an inherent risk of enlisting, yet he did it for me, for my family and for all those Americans that live their daily lives with a freedom they take for granted all too often. I am doing a small part to help identify those that made it their life purpose to send an American home in a silver box. If I am able to help only one soldier be able to go home to see the smile's on his family's face, then my time here will have been the most important thing I have done in my life, besides having the wonderful children that I have. I am ensuring that their future is safe.
My time has only started, yet I know I will be helping to make a difference. For everyone that can not understand my reasons, I hope this sheds some light and some understanding. I am doing this for my family...
Please pass this on if I have forgotten anyone.
Helen Weathers,