The Science Of Meditation

Is the individual a microcosm of humanity? Are we a microcosm of the Universe? Consider the trillions of cells that make the individual a physical being. That would be an estimated 37.2 trillion cells working together in a synergistic framework. The trillions of cells that make you into a self-aware being are made up of an estimated 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 synergistic atoms. The atoms in the known Universe are ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion synergistic atoms. That’s the number 10 with 82 zeros after it. So what’s my point? It’s not mind-boggling numbers. It's a mind-boggling mystery to be taken seriously. We really don’t know the size of the Universe and the synergistic matter in it. Can it be infinite? How can we wrap our heads around infinity? No one has seen the end of the Universe. All we know is that it is big. Or is it? Shakespeare says it is or it isn’t. “To Be Or Not To Be.” It either exists or it doesn’t. To be or not to be is a profound question of balance in one’s life and the quality of your life hinges on its balance of the big and the small. In this context, you are your Universe. I would argue that this assumption is scientific if we consider that processing externalities require your brain. How do we know that anything exists outside our brain? All of the cells and atoms that make you into a physical being with the evolving capability of self-reflection cannot be perceived without your gray matter and all its wonder.

This column is about the health and balance of your two hemispheres and your body but it doesn’t stop there. It is about the Universe and everything in it and about growing the health of our species and all the other species that make up the web of life as we know it on blessed Earth. We are a microcosm of it all. This column is laid out so that we may take our role seriously as evolving intelligence beyond all words and that we may consider an autonomous objectivity of the big and the small and that we are here for that purpose, infinity or not.