The Science Of Meditation

For those readers who have been following the last 9 columns on the science of meditation and mindfulness, it should be clear to you by now that our neurobiology is tantamount to a type of advanced computer - the information the brain receives determines its categorization and its categorization determines its output. Our neurobiology and consciousness will continue to evolve depending on a few factors. For instance, our present social brain capacity cannot even conceive of advanced human potentiality. Currently, our perception of our potential is about chasing the hierarchical “Golden Calf.” Humanity can’t even imagine achieving a type II or III civilization which is levels of advanced intelligence that harness their Sun’s or galaxy’s total energy. Neurobiological evolutionary continuance, that’s us, completely depends on if and when we discover that Twinkie's are not bananas.

To expand on the offering of nature, humanity and particularly world leadership are thankless of “Goldilocks’s” gifts considering our stewardship on planet Earth. Note that we have been very fortunate to be given a planet located the perfect distance from a perfect sized Sun for that distance. But this is just a needle in the haystack of breathtaking alms given to us so that we can actually ponder nature’s artistry. No endowment stands out amongst the myriad of others. It’s all magic! But, let’s peruse Goldilocks’s geo-astronomical time scale. We have been very lucky not to have met the same demise as our dinosaur family either geologically or astronomically. Our lineage stretches far back into geological time. Be grateful we have not been hit by a giant asteroid or become victims of unstable tectonic plate movement during our evolution. Why be grateful? One reason is that gratitude is the elixir of life from a scientific biological perspective meaning it's healthy. But in my intended context, our evolving consciousness manifests an inner and outer vast mysterious cosmos for us to look for answers to the magic. The operative term is “evolving.” What discoveries await us?

Use your meditation practice to feel the sentience of hallowed Earth and beyond. Though we are currently stuck in the Twinkie zone of “he said you said, it's mine, not yours,” Goldilocks is still waiting for us, her arm stretched out to hold our hand and guide us along the path of consciousness potentiality. The criticality of connecting to the future is nevermore upon us today. Sort your categorizations using your meditation practice.

Paul Benavidez, MFA