Rotary to cover Disaster Action Plan

The Sunrisers Rotary of Fillmore will feature American Red Cross of Ventura Chief Executive Officer Chris Johnson at their May 6, 2008 breakfast meeting at El Pescador Restaurant. Mr. Johnson will be discussing the Disaster Action Plan for Ventura County communities including Fillmore and its surrounding communities.
The Red Cross has launched a campaign to raise funds for the expansion of Disaster Action Teams (DAT) throughout the county. DAT members will be made up of local community volunteers who will arrive on the scene of a disaster to work closely with emergency personnel. They will be capable of mobilizing quickly, open up an emergency shelter, and provide immediate assistance to those in need. The goal is to ensure every community has a strong DAT trained team of volunteers as well as providing material supplies needed in times of disaster.
Where: Sunrisers Rotary meets at the El Pescador Restaurant on Tuesday mornings from 6:45am to 8:00am. For information please call Ernie Villegas at 805-299-2387.