Phone Scam Targets Ventura County Residents

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office issues a warning to the public regarding a telephone scam that is making its way through the county.

According to reports, the scammer is identifying themself as Captain Greg Gibson from the Sheriff's Office and is demanding a large sum of money to pay an outstanding warrant. However, it is important to note that the caller is NOT affiliated with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office, and the phone number used is NOT associated with law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies have frequently issued warnings about phone scams, emphasizing that law enforcement officials do not call citizens asking for money. Scammers often pretend to be law enforcement, or federal agencies, threatening individuals with arrest, fines, or deportation if they don’t pay taxes or some other debt immediately. They’ve also been known to tell the victim, falsely, that a warrant has been issued because they missed a court date, did not show up for jury duty, have an overdue fine, or something similar, and they will be arrested unless they pay right away. These scammers also disguise their Caller ID information by spoofing the phone number to appear as though it is from a legitimate law enforcement agency.

The scammers will likely threaten immediate arrest if you do not cooperate and provide payment over the phone. They may demand that fines or fees be paid with credit cards, gift cards, payment apps, or even cryptocurrency. Just to be clear, no legitimate law enforcement agency will ever call an individual demanding money or threatening arrest.

Don’t let your guard down and don’t be intimated into providing personal details, or financial information. The best protection against these scams is to simply hang up. Do not call the phone number left on a voicemail requesting a callback. Always do your research before providing any personal information or sending money over the phone. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

If you have been scammed and suffered a financial loss, contact Sheriff's Dispatch at (805) 654-9511 to file a report. You can also file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission at or the Federal Bureau of Investigation at

Nature of Incident: Phone Scam Targets Ventura County Residents
Location: Ventura, CA
Date & Time: 11/28/23

Prepared by: Senerey De Los Santos / Sheriff's PIO
Approved by: Captain Dean Worthy