OPINION: Nominations for the 2015 Citizen of The Year and Lifetime Achievement Citizen of The Year

My name is Mark Trimble, I am a retired Police Commander, and a resident of the City of Fillmore for 19 years.
For Citizen(s) of The Year, I would like to nominate the Landeros family, Laura, Daniel, David, Cristina, Elden, Gabby and Mia. For Lifetime Achievement Citizen of the Year, I would like to nominate Rigo Landeros.

As a retired police officer, I understand the dedication and sacrifice the family members of a First Responder make. Their loved one has made a decision to serve and protect the community in a job that may require the ultimate sacrifice; the giving of their life to protect and save the lives of members of the community in which they serve. It also entails much time away from the family of the First Responder.

Laura, Daniel, David, Cristina, Elden, Gabby and Mia, served the community of Fillmore in the most sacrificial and dedicated manner by their love and support of Rigo. Only their family truly knows the sacrifice they made in their support of Rigo in the demanding and dangerous profession of professional Firefighter. They worried together, laughed together, and cried together in their support of Rigo. Each time Rigo went on a call, the Landeros family understood the potential of Rigo’s dedication to community safety; and I am sure Rigo would say their love and support gave him the inspiration and courage to protect the citizens of Fillmore.

I feel confident Rigo would say his family was the source of his ability to serve the community in the outstanding manner in which he did.

The Landeros family are ‘The Citizens of The Year.’
Nomination for Lifetime Achievement Citizen of The Year:
Rigo Landeros.

I feel confident the members of the Chamber of Commerce understand why Rigo is worthy of this award.

Since I have lived in Fillmore, I know of no one else who has served our community in so many different facets, with great skill, for so many years, with such honorable duty.

Commander Mark A. Trimble (Ret.)