No Christmas Trees on Central Avenue

Hello Again Everyone!

Well as hard as we tried, the trees for the downtown were not to be this year. Apologies to all, and thanks to all, who have participated in the downtown Christmas trees in past years! I hope you take those homemade and recycled ornaments that you saved for this year, and go out and decorate a tree or bush in your yard- as a gift to your neighbors!

But let’s add a little more to the gifting this year- look for the lonely neighbor, the elderly neighbor, and give them a kind word and smile. Be a word of support to that youngster across the street. Make your part of the community beautiful- throw out wildflower seed where there is dirt, pick up that trash that blights your walks, and plant your front yard with love to make this spring extra special.

Finally, let’s walk with gratitude for the gift it is to live here in our beautiful community of Fillmore, and our amazing country. They are blessings that we should never forget or take for granted, and always be thankful for…

In this Christmas season and the year to come, as good Tiny Tim observed, God bless, Every One!

-- Regina Stehly Nunez