Military Banner Pick Up Announcement for Fillmore Residents

Attention residents of Fillmore,
We would like to bring to your attention the availability of old or weathered military banners. These banners, brimming with history and significance, are now ready for collection at Fillmore City Hall, situated at 250 Central Avenue, Fillmore, CA 93015.

Please refer to the Military Banner List using this link We extend our gratitude for proudly displaying these symbols of honor and recognition.
Please be advised that these banners are distinct from the current ones on display, which will remain in their designated locations. We encourage you to promptly retrieve these found banners within the next 45 days from today.
For any queries or assistance regarding the retrieval process, please reach out to Ms. Shannon Prentice via email at or by phone at 805-201-9623.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support in acknowledging the sacrifices of our military personnel.