Meet Fillmore Pastor Dion Brooks
Picture (l-r) is granddaughter Alina, Dion Brooks and granddaughter Rosalina. Photo credit Brandy Hollis.
Picture (l-r) is granddaughter Alina, Dion Brooks and granddaughter Rosalina. Photo credit Brandy Hollis.

Courtesy Brandy Hollis

A lot of people know Dion Brooks. Currently he is helping coach his granddaughter’s 5th-6th grade basketball team for the city. Most know him as Pastor Dion the current pastor at Faith Community Church on D Street. He served as the former youth pastor for the same church.

I know him as a rock of our community. He has been there for my family in our time of need and sadness before I ever regularly attended the church. He always led a great Vacation Bible School for my kids, youth groups, and led the preschool program in prayers. And when I went to church, he was a little on the goofy/humorous side, which made me comfortable, and relaxed. As I have gotten to know him, he is so much more than the church’s pastor. He visits in the hospital to lend encouragement, leads memorials, and attended and prayed for the city at the 9/11 ceremony a few years ago. He is always a levelheaded resource for myself and many other members of the community, in his faith or not. He is of service to this community. Outside of the church, Dion just completed the Iron Man Competition which is a triathlon.

Also, and very importantly, he is loved not only by his church, community and family, but a very special lady calls him her husband, and shares him with everyone, including their three beautiful grandkids. Patricia said that he always tells her, “as long as me and you are good, we can do anything”.

Fillmore is fortunate to have a man who loves God and wants to serve Him and the community.

Dion has been supporting a group called Alpha at the church, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, which offers people a chance to come in with questions and outside opinions. The turn-out has been amazing. They serve dinner and offer childcare. I invite anyone to come to Sunday service at 10am and meet him—we can surprise him!

Thank you, Dion, for being a great father, grandfather, husband and community leader, and continuing to be an outstanding pastor for our church. Fillmore and your church appreciate your service.