Limoneira Company Honored For Green Energy Production

SANTA PAULA, Calif.--The Ventura County Board of Supervisors recently issued a resolution honoring Limoneira Company, one of California’s most prominent agribusinesses, for its leadership role in exploring and producing renewable green energy for industrial use.

The resolution recognizes Limoneira’s new 5.5 acre solar installation, which is capable of producing 1,950 megawatt hours per year. Set among the company’s lemon and avocado orchards in Santa Paula, the “solar orchard” will generate enough electricity annually for about 200 homes. Limoneira will use the energy to power its main lemon packinghouse.

"We are honored the supervisors support Limoneira's ongoing efforts to produce clean, renewable energy,” says Harold Edwards, Limoneira president and CEO. Our aim is to be a leader when it comes to sustainability and a model for other companies to follow.”

The resolution also recognizes Limoneira’s partnership with Agromin, the largest green-waste recycler in Ventura County. Agromin produces mulch from area green waste that is then spread in Limoneira's orchards, which reduces water and pesticide use and curbs erosion.

Founded in 1893, Limoneira now consists of 7,000 acres. It is the largest grower of lemons in the United States, and the largest avocado grower in North America.

“We may be 115 years old,” said Limoneira executive vice president Alex Teague, “but our eye is on the future. We’re all about sustainability."

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