Light up a Life Memorials and Honors
Tree LightingCeremony Central Park Plaza November 26,2016 at 5:30

A light will be shining on the Fillmore/Piru Hospice Tree in Fillmore, for names of loved ones in honor or in memory of, received by November 7, 2016 for Fillmore in Memory of:

Jeffrey Hansen
Louie C. Garcia
Mary C. Garcia
Frieda Ruiz
Neva DeYoung
Lloyd D. Michel Jr.
Donald DeYoung
Donald Strawn
Ralph Crawford
Paul Smith
Derek DeJarnette
Eva Koch
Trennie Ortiz
Mary Beyerl
Joe Beyerl
Aaron Myers
Gertrude Schleimer
Gerry Schleimer
Melba “Jerry” Schleimer
Samuel Myers
Alice Schmittou
Leland Schmittou
Corinne Schmittou
Clayton Schmittou
William Clark Schmittou
Lucien Schmittou
Harold Michel
Bernice Michel
Vickie Fildes
Vernon Arnold

Santa Clara Valley Hospice Home Support Group Inc.