Lay rumors to rest: Fillmore Senior Center to remain open

Subject: The Senior Center will be funded in FY 2012 and Information Sources for the City of Fillmore Budget

Dear Residents,
This letter is being sent to address the rumors that the Senior Center is going to be closed because of the $1.9 million budget shortfall. As announced at the most recent City Council meeting, the City will be keeping the Senior Center open next year. In addition, City staff will be meeting with the Senior Center Board in the next several weeks to discuss the Center budget.

This is a difficult time for all concerned. The City is facing a significant budget gap and hard choices will need to be made. Currently the City is exploring all options to balance the budget. Inevitably there will be speculation and rumors will be rampant, especially as it gets closer to the budget being presented to Council at the end of May. Please check the City’s website ( or Channel 10 where we post information and updates about the City’s plans and financial condition. At the end of May, the FY 2012 budget will be posted on the website and, in June, there will also be public budget hearings during which residents may participate.

Thank you for your attention and assistance. It is very much appreciated.

Yvonne Quiring
City Manager