HOC Computer Support "Decade Defined"

Fillmore, CA – HANDS-ON Consultations (HOC), Computer Support Services, a Fillmore, Ventura County based company, is pleased to announce their ten (10) year anniversary as a full-time computer support company serving the communities of Ventura County and beyond.
In July of 1988, acquiring a city business license and registering with Ventura County, Harv & Patti Oliver established their computer support services company out of their home on Goodenough Road in Fillmore, CA. In their original business plan, there was never intent for a storefront, but to provide “HANDS ON” services in the field or in their offices as required. Since that time, due to business expansion and requirements, the office has been transitioned and services provided out of their offices in the Gurrola Building at 606 Sespe in Fillmore. Harv provides the lead technical support services and manages the day-to-day operations with Patti’s experience and MBA providing support in appropriate business operations and continuing business development. They’ve also added additional technicians, administrative personnel, and program and web developers to their support staff.
“Providing professional, friendly services, while building mutually beneficial relationships has always been our goal.” stated Harv in noting the decade milestone. “When we started, I asked myself 'how can we separate our services and rise above the multitude of other support services out there?’ In any service industry, providing outstanding customer service and dealing honorably with our clients are the most important factors, in my opinion, and that’s what we’ve always tried to do. We all know you can’t please everyone, but at HANDS-ON Consultations we do our very best and our continuing success in the local communities reflects that. Word of mouth and referrals is the key to success for any business. 10 years and growing stronger speaks louder than any words I can share," Oliver added.
For the past tem years, HOC services have been provided for business and home users alike with a strong focus on providing professional support for current and developing operations in the business world. Ranging from hardware/software troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, computer components, new computer systems to network design, development, & support to web design, development, and hosting to training for Windows and associated applications, and program and database software development. They provide incidents support services, along with scheduled maintenance plans and also are aligned with other vendors in various support contracts. Expansion of services has pushed out to include not only Ventura County, but Los Angeles County and beyond.
“I’d like to thank all the members of the private and business communities of Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and beyond for assisting us in reaching this milestone. Success is many things and we are meeting and achieving the goals we set for ourselves 10 years ago,” acknowledged Oliver. “The number of years we’ve been in business may seem small to some however, surviving each and every year and staying afloat in any kind of business for 10 years is tough and this is something we’re very proud of. We look forward to continuing to assist our friends and associates in this ever-developing and exciting field now, and far into the future.”