Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’ s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. I hope you already chose who is gonna be your Valentine this day. You can have a lot of ideas to do like make a Happy Valentine’s Day card, have a Valentine’s Day party, Valentine’s games you have a lot of ideas you can do. You can probably date your Valentine, that would be a good idea. You can do a lot of things for Valentine’s Day. Like maybe you can make a Valentine’s Day cake, anything you can think of will be great. As long as it’s a Valentine’s Day theme. If its your mom or dad or brother or sister or cousin or uncle or aunt or grandmother or grandfather, anyone you love you can draw a picture of a heart and you and that other person in it, they’ll love that. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you have a great day.

Heather Furness, 2nd Grade, Gazette Cub Reporter