Goodbye to Lion Bob Peterson
Lions President Scott Lee bids farewell to longtime Lion Bob Peterson.
Lions President Scott Lee bids farewell to longtime Lion Bob Peterson.

On Monday, February 16 the Fillmore Lions Club honored and said goodbye to long time Lions member Bob Peterson. Bob has been a member of the Fillmore Lions Club since he arrived in Fillmore 1989—over 20 years. Bob has been the project treasurer for over 12 years. Bill Edmonds, the current Lions President said, "Bob has been a very valuable and dependable member and a great friend to everybody. He was always there to help and to serve."Bob and his lovely wife Margie are moving to a condo in Hueneme.”

"There I won't have to do much yard work", said Bob. Bob's family was present Monday as he received his accolades for many years of community service.

In other Lion's news Steve Garner and Paula Gahito were inducted as the newest Lion's members. Steve is an engineer and Paula works at Santa Clara Valley Bank.

Lions members Bill Edmonds and Bill Baumgartner presented San Cayetano third graders with American flags on Wednesday the 18th. They talked to the children about the meaning of the flag, its colors, stripes and stars and about how to respect the flag. Over 83 flags were presented to the students to take home.

The Lions program last Monday was about the Hedrick Ranch Nature area, a 223 acre property between Fillmore and Santa Paula. This property was purchased in 2001 by the California State Coastal Conservatory and then granted to the Friends of the Santa Clara River. Right now their main project is replacing alien plants with native fauna.