Floss Silk Tree is Quite a Show
Floss Silk Tree (chorisa speciosa).
Floss Silk Tree (chorisa speciosa).

Written By Bill Dewey and Steve McClary, Vision 2020 Civic Pride Committee

Fillmore is home to many beautiful species of trees, many of which do quite well as street trees or yard trees in our climate. The Fillmore Vision 2020 Civic Pride Committee will be highlighting many of these wonderful examples in the weeks to come.

This week we will take a look at the Floss Silk Tree (chorisa speciosa). The tree is native to South America. The heavy trunk of the common variety is studded with thick spines to protect it from foraging animals. Leaves are divided into leaflets like fingers of a hand, dropping during autumn flowering. The large, showy flowers somewhat resemble narrow-petaled hibiscus or orchid blooms. "Majestic Beauty" is a thornless variety bearing rich pink blooms. Trees grow 3-5 feet in youth, then more slowly to an eventual 30-60 feet at maturity.

This beautiful specimen can be seen by going north on Central Avenue, then left on Stonehedge, and right onto Woodgrove Lane, where the tree is located at the top of the cul-de-sac in a central planter. It is currently spectacular!!