Fishes and Friends Swims to a New Location at the Ventura County Fair
Come Visit All the Animals on the Fair’s Main St.

Fishes and Friends, with all of the brightly illuminated aquarium entries, will be enjoying a new location at the Ventura County Fair. Come visit their new home on Main Street next to the Small Livestock barn, and you could win a beautiful aquarium from Tat Tropical Illusion.
To celebrate the department’s handsome new location, Tat Tropical Illusion will sponsor a raffle during the Fair. 2 fairgoers will each win a ViaAqua corner tank, complete with filter system and stand. Decorations and livestock are not included—you’ll have to choose your own fishes and friends for their new home. Limit one entry per person. The aquariums will be on display in Fishes and Friends until the end of the Fair, August 10th when the 2 winners will be chosen.
For many years Fishes and Friends was housed in the Gem and Mineral building. We have responded to the public request to house all of the animal exhibits in the same area. Now Fair visitors can experience dramatically different animals within a few yards of each other—a great educational experience.
Fishes and Friends is a unique department at the Fair, with 10 classes of entries each judged on relevant qualities such as color, body quality and activity of the fish. There are always many beautiful fish housed in very creatively decorated aquariums.
In addition to the fish, there are turtles and tortoises on display on Saturday and Sunday August 9 & 10. Turtles are reptilians and are considered to be one of the oldest animal species on earth, the earliest existing 215 million years ago. Although they spend most of their lives in the water, turtles breathe air. Tortoises are land dwelling reptiles known for being slow moving. Turtles and Tortoises are on exhibit for a limited time because both are peculiar animals and require special care and living conditions.
Meet the Fish and Friends at their new home during the Ventura County Fair Wednesday, July 30 until Sunday, August 10.
For more information, please call (805) 648-3376 or visit