Fillmore Women’s Service Club Awards Scholarships

The Fillmore Women’s Service Club was pleased to present Scholarships on June 1st at the Awards Ceremony at the High School. Susan Banks, President, Mimi Burns, Youth Chairwoman, and Danielle Quintanta on behalf of the members of the Club presented Luis Antonio Landeros, Tatem Forsberg, Christopher Berrington, Irma Torres, Jessica Manginelli, Amariza Almaguer, Lindsey Gerardo, Hope Wilcox, Jordan Manzano, and Miguel Martinez Educational Scholarships. Rafael Regalado received a Community Scholarship who plans to study business and own his own business one day. Two Scholarships were presented to Josue Guzman and Jorge Valdovinos in the name of Fire Chief Rigo Landeros. We would like to thank the following people for their donations in honor of a great citizen of Fillmore. Veronica Levy, the Patterson Family, Gertrude and Lewis Lovelace in the name of William and Richard Thompson; Sandra and Kelley Lovelace, Steve and Sandy Butts and Charmaine Delgado and the Fillmore Women’s Service Club. Josue and Jorge are planning to go to Oxnard College and become Firefighters.