Fillmore Lions Club Announces 2018 Student Speaker Contest

The Fillmore Lions Club has announced that the topic for the 2018 Student Speaker Contest is “What Role Does Integrity and Civility Play in Today’s Society?” The contest will be held on Monday, February 5, 2018 at the Scout House, at the end of Sespe Avenue, beginning at 7:00PM sharp. There will be a maximum of six speakers with the winner receiving $100, with a chance to advance to The Zone Contest and to eventually win over $21,000 in money and scholarships. The runner-ups will receive $25 provide that the speech is over five minutes in duration. For more information and to sign up contact M. Tom Ito at Fillmore High School or call Mr. Edmonds at 524-4839. All students living in Fillmore of Fillmore High School age even if attending other school or home taught are eligible. It is best to start early. The topic will be of great interest to parents and to the community. Remember only Six can enter. Submitted by Lions Club member Bill Edmunds.