Fillmore girl heads to Notre Dame
Linnea Fechtner
Linnea Fechtner
The Fechtner family has someone to be proud of this graduating season

St. Bonaventure High school Valedictorian Linnea Fechtner, of Fillmore, is on her way to Notre Dame in the fall. It’s no surprise to anyone who knows the accomplished young woman who held a cumulative GPA of 4.24.
Linnea has been garnering awards and academia for years. Some of her awarded accomplishments are: Ventura Count Star Scholar, Bank of America Achievement Award-Liberal Arts, Life Membership Award from CA Scholarship Federation, Member of the National Honor Society, Member of the National Society for High School Scholars, National Merit Scholar Finalist. She also received the President’s Education Awards Programs Outstanding Academic Excellence Award, Scholar in the National Hispanic Recognition Program, Senior Award for Journalism-People Editor, Qualified for Bronze level with Merit for acting from the London Academy for music and Dramatic arts, and Valedictorian of the St. Bonaventure High School graduating class of 2008, where she sang lyrics from a Beatles tune, “I Don’t Know You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello.”
Linnea’s proud family congratulate her on her many accomplishments: parents Micheal & Diane Fechtner, grandparents Mercy & Lupe Ramirez and Howard & Linda Fechtner, and sister Sigourney Fechtner, who also graduated from St. Bonaventure and is now finishing her first year at UC Davis.
In her farewell speech as Valedictorian Linnea summed up the bases of her academic success, “The beauty of education is not that it teaches you facts and figures. It’s that in learning the information, you learn about yourself. Take what you are and present it to the world with courage and integrity, without apology or submission.”