Fillmore to Celebrate July 4 with Community Fireworks Display
Fillmore will host its annual community fireworks show on July 4 at dusk at Fillmore Middle School

The show will be noticeably different from past year’s displays, with the most obvious change being the location of the show shifting from Fillmore High School to Fillmore Middle School. The high school football field was host to the show in the past, but over the past year an all-weather track was installed on the field to replace the previous dirt lanes, making the field incompatible with fireworks.
There will be no seating for the public at Fillmore Middle School. All Fillmore city parks will be open to residents and visitors, and persons may set off Safe and Sane fireworks at those locations while fireworks are for sale in the City. As a result of no public seating, there will be no ground show as part of the fireworks display this year but an increase in the number of aerial shells.
All school grounds in Fillmore will be closed on the Fourth of July. Persons who enter school grounds will be subject to arrest or citation for trespassing.
The show will begin at approximately 9 p.m. and continue for 15 to 20 minutes. Most locations in the City should have an excellent view of the show.
For more information please call (805) 524-3701.