Farm Watch: Special Alert - Avocado Theft

A message from Detective Chip Cadman:
Farm Watch readers, There have been several reports of avocado theft throughout the county. The thefts have ranged from persons pulling onto the shoulders of a roadway and stealing a handful of avocados hanging over fence lines, to additional reports of large thefts from properties. The large thefts involve suspects leaving fruit on the exterior avocado tree line and harvesting fruit from interior avocado trees. If you have been unable to contract labor crews to harvest, please take the time to walk through your properties and ensure thieves are not harvesting fruit from your property. Direct employees to contact the Sheriff’s Office when persons are contacted stealing fruit from the shoulder of a roadway or trespassing onto your properties looking to steal.

Recently two reports of stolen Utility Carts and one stolen Skid Steer have been made from local properties. I have received information from Fresno County regarding similar farm vehicle and trailer thefts. Please remember to mark your equipment with your OAN. Investigators throughout the state have access to the OAN system and can use this in the recovery of stolen equipment. If you have been the victim of a theft, please contact Sheriff’s Dispatch and request a deputy respond to your location to take a crime report.

The following advice is always wise if you suspect illegal activity on your property:
• Call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 911.
• Be a good witness, note suspect descriptions such as age, height, weight, facial hair, clothing, and shoe type.
• Use your cellular telephone to take pictures if possible.
• If a vehicle is involved, obtain a license plate number and note vehicle color, body damage, bumper stickers, camper shell, after market tires and wheels, etc.
• Provide the dispatcher with information about the time and last known direction of travel.

Agricultural Crimes Detective Chip Cadman
Office: 805-384-4726
Work Cell: 805-797-6424

Sheriff’s Office Dispatch 805-654-9511

Be alert and stay safe!

Geoff Dean – Sheriff
Gary Pentis - Undersheriff
Steve DeCesari - Assistant Sheriff
Guy Stewart - Assistant Sheriff