From the family of Nathan Oseguera

[Nathan Oseguera , 27of Fillmore, was sentenced on July 7 to 13-years in prison for participating in a gang related home invasion robbery]

Our family has finally decided to break our silence on the horrible ordeal involving our son/brother/nephew/grandson/friend, Nathan Oseguera. Most importantly, we would like to express our greatest and most sincere condolences to the family of Bret Godfrey. Please know that we have and will continue to keep your family in our prayers. Although we would have preferred to keep this a private family matter, we have heard numerous lies, assumptions, and accusations made about our family as a whole. We have tried to ignore the Fillmore "trash-talk", but it seems that this "trash-talk" has now been accepted as fact by many. We are in no way condoning the actions of this crime; we know and accept the punishment for it. Our family's name has been dragged through the mud. Those of us who have known Nathan's parents all of our lives know that they have been amazing parents, making every sacrifice possible to help their children, family, and friends. Nathan's sisters are both college graduates; one a Special Education Elementary School teacher; the other a Registered Nurse. Our family is active in our communities, churches, and schools. This incident should not be a reflection of our family as a whole. We would really like to try to bring more attention to the problem of methamphetamines in our community. This has been a prime example of how this drug is destroying our cities, our kids, and entire families. This drug turns your loved ones into people you don't know. It leaves you feeling helpless as you watch it destroy your children. It is a dangerous, powerful, highly addicting drug. It is overtaking our country, and has hit Fillmore especially hard. The drug does not discriminate; white, brown, rich, poor, good parenting, bad parenting; it can be ANY our children. Please urge your police department, city leaders, school districts, to put more resources into this fight. They can do more. We must demand it. We cannot continue to pretend we live in a perfect little town. What good is it to have this cute, picturesque town, if our kids are being destroyed. We do not take this seriously or acknowledge the severity of the problem until it hits us personally and is too late. We pray that no other family will have to go through the nightmare we and all involved have had to the past year. He is now paying his debt to society and we hope that people will accept that, do everything to keep your kids safe, rather than "trash-talk." Please respect the fact that no matter what, this is our son and brother who we love dearly and are trying to deal with him being gone on a daily basis. We remember the sensitive, loving, extremely giving person before the drugs, who was loved by his family, friends, teachers, coaches, and friends. His daughter and nieces continue to ask for him. So, please, while we make no excuses, know that there are no winners in this all. Thank you to all our family, friends, and strangers, who have been so supportive. Once again, please put pressure on anyone who will listen about the seriousness of drugs in our community. FORCE them to invest in recreation and safe-alternatives for children.
The Oseguera Family