Drought Impacts Whitewater Boating On Lower Piru Creek For Fourth Consecuvitve Year

Due to exceptional drought conditions, those who are looking forward to fall whitewater activities in the Lake Piru area will be disappointed again this year.

In normal years, the District releases water from Lake Piru for several weeks during the fall season in order to recharge downstream groundwater basins. These releases provide a rare opportunity for whitewater rafting and kayaking in Southern California. Exceptional drought conditions have resulted in another year of less than normal precipitation in the water shed providing runoff to Lake Piru and resulted in very low surface water storage levels in the reservoir. As result the District will not conduct a fall release for the fourth consecutive year.

For more information on future whitewater boating opportunities, please contact Lake Piru Recreation Area Senior Park Services Officer Clayton Strahan at 805-317-8990 or claytons@unitedwater.org.