Cub Pack 3400 Scouting for New Cubs

Submitted by Marie Wren

Cub Pack 3400 is organizing for the coming year with meetings every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at the Scout House on 128 Sespe Avenue in Fillmore. Boys and girls kindergarten - 5th grade are invited to join. The cost for insurance and badges is $25 for a full year of fun and entertainment as well as learning about nature, camping and crafts. Cubmaster Rudolfo Osario will be assisted by Steve McKeown.

The new Scouting rules now allow girls to be a part of the scouting organization along with the boys. Girls who wish to join will be included in regular Dens until there are 4 or 5 and then they will form a separate Den just for the girls. Dens for both boys and girls will be part of the Cub Pack 3400 this year. Cubs will now be a family activity for everyone. Parents and children interested in Scouting should attend a meeting for more information and join for 9 months of fun.