Coastal Clean Up Day
Volunteers Help Clean Up Fillmore

Courtesy Jan Lee

September 21, 2019 was the 35th Annual Coastal Clean Up Day. This year more than 1000 inland and coastal sites along our watersheds were cleaned. Many volunteers from Fillmore participated. Young boys and girls, students, Scouts, Council members, senior citizens and other friends and neighbors all put on gloves, grabbed grabbers and trash bags and fanned out around town to pick up litter that can find its way into our waterways and the ocean. Jaclyn Ibarra, an FHS alumna and Fillmore Lion’s Club member, worked to organize various community groups and individuals for trash pick up.

For years, the Fillmore Lion’s Club has regularly done highway clean up along Highway 126. It is one of the many projects Lion’s Club does to improve our community. This year they combined highway clean up with a clean up the watershed project. The Fillmore Civic Pride/Volunteerism Committee is another of the many groups who participated in Coastal Clean Up Day. This group plants and maintains the planters along Central, helps keep the bike trail clean and sponsors the Fillmore Flower Show. Other organizations and individuals do many things to keep Fillmore beautiful. Thank you volunteers!