Christmas Trees on Central

Hello Fillmore!
Last year the Christmas Trees on Central came back after a thirty year hiatus...with the help of our great community we hope it will be a yearly tradition to anticipate....if you were a kid in Fillmore way-back-when you would remember the "Christmas Tree Drill" : pick your tree and decorate it with homemade ornaments as a loving gift to our money involved- only your hearts...
But we are doing something different this year as we are using a variety of trees- not just pine- so we can replace trees around town that have died from the drought and beautify public places....and a HUGE thank you to Brightview Nursery for their community spirit in donating the trees! In addition, much gratitude to the Lions Club for their grunt help setting up and tying down the trees on Central. Finally, thanks to all the business', families, classrooms, clubs and organizations, and individuals that will 'adopt' a tree to bring the true spirit of Christmas to our town...and there is nowhere that lives this spirit better then our wonderful community!
The trees will be in place downtown by the evening of Thursday, Dec. 1st. and they need to be decorated by Friday evening (the Christmas Parade-Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 1pm- might complicate your access to the downtown) If we run out of trees, we will place you on the list next year. Interested in a tree? Leave a message ASAP at: Thank you!!!