Unlicensed Peddlers & Junk Food Share Restricted

Thanks to our Sheriff’s Department for recently issuing citations to four men selling toys on Central without a city business license. A group of these L.A. hard core peddlers shows up in our town from time to time. They are very aggressive, to the extreme of being brazen, tactless and very bold. Hopefully anyone approached by peddlers will demand to see their Fillmore, up-to- date business license and call City Hall should they refuse. On a similar note, it’s time that the combined City Council and School Board take a stand against the absolute garbage that’s being peddled outside our schools. Here we live in a valley with magnificent fruit and produce growing abundantly; and our students get released from school to see peddlers selling fake flavored chicharrones with 15 or more artificial colors, preservatives and worse. I’ve looked and read the labels on some of this stuff. It’s like reading the glossary in a chemistry textbook. License or no license, these school peddlers must be restricted.