The Bacon Family of Fillmore to compete on "Family Feud"

The Bacon Family of Fillmore, CA are ready to battle for a win when they play against The Stringham Family of Costa Mesa, CA on the nationally syndicated Family Feud, beginning on Thursday, September 25. The high-stakes game where contestants must guess the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people in order to win big money airs Monday-Friday at 6:00 p.m. on KCAL (Channel 9).

The Bacon Family – which includes Aaron, a new dad who serves in the Navy; sister-in-law Alisha, a dedicated mom and sales representative; sister-in-law Jessica, a veterinary technician and all around animal enthusiast; father-in-law David, a manager and driver for a trucking company; and wife Brittney, a fun-loving and energetic wife and mom – will be the ones to beat when they face off with The Stringham Family in America’s favorite family game show.

“We have always watched Family Feud, so one day we thought we’d try and get on the show,” said David. “If we win, we’re all taking a family cruise.”

“This family has a big heart,” said host John O’Hurley. “Let’s hope that they can pull through for a win.”

Will Fillmore’s Bacon Family win enough to take a family cruise? We’re not saying, but viewers can find out by tuning in beginning Thursday, September 25.