2016 Fillmore Flower Show a Success

The 2016 Flower Show is over for another year. Those who participated, both as entrants and spectators, agree it was another great event. There were 339 entries across the nine divisions. The flower show co-chairs, Joanne King and Linda Nunez, worked tirelessly to pull everything together.

However, without the volunteers, vendors and donors, the show would not have gone on! The committee wants give a BIG, SINCERE thank you to all who helped. They are too numerous to name individually and include those who set up the tables, put out the signs, planned for most of the year, took entries, set out the flowers, created the website, sent plants for the plant sale, called the judges, sold the plants, helped the youth with arrangements, carried entries, manned the cafe, sold tickets, took notes for the judges, etc. We even got a few volunteers from the website. Without all the help, there may not have been a Fillmore Flower Show. Also, a thank you to all who came to enjoy the flower show. Fillmore was truly in bloom this year! More than one person was heard to exclaim, “Isn’t the community of Fillmore special?”

The Fillmore Vision 20/20 Civic Pride Committee sold tickets for door prizes to make money to support the Flower Show for next year. Many merchants and donors gave items. We wish to thank the following for their contributions:
Ari Larson —Vivi jewelry; Avenue Pet; Bennett’s Honey Farm; Carolyn Laskey, Central Station Bar and Grill; Chivas Skin Care—goat milk soap; Diamond Realty & Investments; El Pescador Restaurant, Genmai Restaurant; Joanne King; King and King Ranch; Mary and Ian’s Eggs; Ventura County Nursery (Moe Shea); Otto & Sons Nursery; Paula Collin’s hand painted gourds; Sandi Ward’s Train Stop; The Scented Path; The Treasure Station; Vallarta Restaurant.

Music during the public viewing was spectacularly supplied by Becky Morales on Saturday and Mr. Cooper on Sunday.

Special thanks go to Amelia Aparicio and Doris Nichols. Ms. Aparicio encouraged her students at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club to enter the composition competition. Ms. Nichols had her Fillmore Middle School students draw roses and other flowers. Along with the other youth who wrote about “Fillmore in Bloom”, and those who created arrangements, it was delightful to see such talent on display.

The judges for the Flower Show are professional judges who are in high demand. They travel around to many flower shows, but they really enjoy coming to Fillmore. One of the judges remarked, “This show gets better every year! The arrangements, bouquets and potted plants continue to improve each year.”

The Fillmore Flower Show began in 1919. Except for a few years when the volunteers got tired, it has been proud tradition here. Thank you to all who participated, helped and came to the flower show this year. It is never too early to start planning for next year. Look at our website, fillmoreflowershow.com, to see the winning entries and many more flowers and plants.