Stopping the "president's" Christian holocaust

It is very eye-opening and disturbing to learn just how the US "president's" policies have enabled a holocaust within the Christian communities in the Middle East and Africa perpetrated by Islam. Frustrating is that those of us who know and understand the truth of this matter find it difficult to do anything about it. Injustices are taking place and those in power are winking and nodding at them, using their words to placate, but doing nothing substantial to end them. We cannot allow frustration to prevent us from action. The lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ are in the balance and we have to start calling out what we know to be true. Their voices are not heard. They need a voice. We need to make it an issue.

Let me relay a story to you as written by a long-time Daily Jot reader: "This past weekend my brother-in-law who is a doctor, wrote an article...talking about the Muslim atrocities and their evil god. His daughter, my niece, said people at work had sneered at her and mocked her because of the article. She was upset because her father had taken a public stand against Islam and called it what it is, a monstrous evil. She was afraid he might be attacked or killed. I told her that not long ago I had to make that decision myself. Was I going to let the fear of being attacked or killed prevent me from speaking out in every public forum I could find, or was I going to do what God has called me to do, be salt and light. I decided I would speak out and let God protect me. I told her that her father had done the right thing by his actions.

"Even here in America where we aren't really in that much danger, the Muslims have done such a good job of terrifying people that we're afraid to speak out. If we don't fight now, from a position of strength, then when we reach the point that we MUST fight or be destroyed, we will likely be fighting from a position of weakness...I keep remembering the verse from the book of Revelation (12:11), "And they overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, AND THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO DEATH." Jesus says those who will save their lives will lose them, but those who lose their life for Christ's sake will find them... Keep putting the truth out. Some people will act on it."

This is an example of the complexity of what we face. But we must act. Nothing is being done because the voices are not loud enough. What can you do? You can talk it up every where you go. Say, "Did you know that our "president" is allowing Christians to be massacred in the Middle East and Africa?" That will start the conversation. Write your newspapers. Call in to radio shows. Organize a protest. Be a voice as if it were your very own family member was about to be tortured by these Islamic beasts. What would you do? In Africa, we are reaching out in rural areas to evangelize the Muslims and to support Christians who are at risk. If you want to support our efforts, we always need assistance. Whatever you do, take the first step. Let's make this an issue.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson