Sharia in action in Libya: 100 Christians arrested for proselytizing

This is the regime Obama sent U.S. forces and weaponry to install. "100 Copts Arrested In Libya," by Ashraf Ramelah for Voice of the Copts, March 2:

Voice of the Copts strongly condemns the round-up, detention and presumed torture of Egyptian Copts in Benghazi, Libya being held for allegedly proselytizing Christianity which is illegal in that country. Evidence of such offense is yet unsubstantiated as facts cited by the arresting body keep changing. Furthermore, the charges are highly suspect given they follow recent attacks on a Coptic church.

Now after more than a week captive, the Egyptian prisoners from Upper Egypt, who live and work temporarily in Libya, are strongly believed to be denied their human rights in violation of international law.

Silence from Egyptian...