Just a thought by Pastor Karl Mason
What’s next?

Article from Fillmore church of the Nazarene, Pastor Karl Mason

Thanksgiving is about over, Christmas is upon us. We are seeing lights and decorations going up all over the community; but what is next. Far too many people celebrate Christmas but do not believe in Jesus, they do not know who Jesus is. Yes it’s a feel good story, a baby in a manger, animals all around and wise men bringing gifts. But what is next? God told us in John 3:16-17 that he sent His son so we could be saved, not to condemn the world but save the world through Him. Jesus’ coming and mission was foretold many years before He came. Many people were anticipating His coming which is where we get the Advent season. I would challenge you if you do not know Jesus to visit a local church during the Advent season to see what Jesus and the true story of His coming on Christmas was all about. You see He came to help the hurting, the sick, and the broken relationships to be restored not only to Him but to others. What is next, Hope!