Fr. Artur transfers to a new Parish
Farewell Father Artur
Fr. Artur Gruszka
Fr. Artur Gruszka

Fr. Artur Gruszka served Saint Francis of Assisi Parish for seven years. He has now been assigned to a new parish and will be greatly missed. Parishoner Phil Fontaine wrote a wonderful tribute to Father Artur, which was read at his farewell party:

"Father, imagine that you are seated on the side of a small hill. Before you is a vast plain, in the center of which is a green oasis. Shepherds lead their flocks from every compass point to that oasis for cool, life-giving water. The flocks mingle together and become one large, white-gray mass of sheep. Even as more flocks join the gathering, one shepherd after another separates himself from the crowd and whistles, gently sings or calls his sheep. His sheep alone recognize their shepherd’s voice, separate themselves from all other sheep to re-join their master’s flock and go on their particular way.

You have been the Master’s voice for us, your flock, during these past seven years. We have heard your voice proclaim Good News at Holy Mass, impart mercy to us in the confessional, speak comfort to our hearts in times of sorrow and anoint us with blessing in times of joy. You have been the priestly channel of God’s graceful, merciful love to us, your flock. What we have received from you is the fruit of your obedience to God’s call to the Holy Priesthood, the fruit of your spiritual life in conversation with your Lord. It is His voice we hear in your words.

You are leaving us, in obedience to your Bishop. God blesses your obedience. You can count on that blessing in your ministry to your new flock. Of course it is with a sense of loss that we bid you farewell. But we know that, just as the Lord has blessed us with your presence so will he bless us with a new shepherd whose voice we will come to know and love.

Thank you, Father Art, for being a Good Shepherd after the Lord’s heart to this little flock here at St. Francis of Assisi. We will miss you. As you go to bless the new flock, which the Lord asked you to tend, you will remain in our hearts and in our prayers. Know that you are always welcome here. Dear shepherd, we love you."