Egypt: Tourism tanks; hotel manager says "we're deeply afraid of the Islamic groups at the moment"

Is deputy hotel manager Hossam al-Bana an Islamophobe?

The Salafist leader, whom the BBC compliments as "thoughtful and personable," acts as if the entire issue is about alcohol. What is at issue is not being harassed on vacation, and being able to relax without the fear of a dream vacation turning into a nightmare at the hands of a regime of thugs, in an atmosphere where conspiracy paranoia easily becomes hysteria. The atmosphere of hostility toward non-Muslims within the country may make non-Muslim tourists think twice as well. For women, there is also the issue of whether their bodily integrity would be respected in a place where sexual harassment and assaults go un-prosecuted, with victims blamed for not meeting standards of Islamic dress and conduct.

Really, who in the world would want to vacation in a country where churches are attacked and protesters are rammed by military vehicles, journalists are sexually assaulted, Jews are arrested as "spies," sexual harassment is accepted and encouraged, and the rate of female genital mutilation (see table below the map) is above 90 percent?

Egypt has a...