Patti Post’s “Coming Into Fullness” At The Buenaventura Gallery

Patti Post’s exhibit of recent works titled “Coming into Fullness” shows at the Buenaventura Art Galley from May 25 to June 19, 2010. Opening Reception is Saturday, June 5 from 4-7pm.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. - Rumi

What Post does, is what she loves and it is beautiful. Creating for Post is more then pen on paper, ink to press and brush strokes on a canvas. “To create is to be alive,” says Post, a dogma representing the skills and beliefs she has learned, shared and taught for a life time. Her prints and paintings share the significance of the numerous lives she has touched and accomplishments she has made.

Beginning to celebrate the newest chapter of her life, Post has recently retired from 41 years of teaching Fine Arts to the young, the mature, the mentally handicapped and to an array of countless eager students. The list of workshops, seminars, lectures, online classes and class room studies Post has on her resume is taller then she is, as are the awards and recognitions. Awards range from Teacher of the Year on a School, District and State level to featured guest on Disney Salutes the American Teacher Awards.

Relationships with her students, mentors and piers are as thick and meaningful as the relationships which emerge with her subjects. The posed figure or abstracted landscape engage you in a dialog so real, the viewer becomes an acquaintance, a friend. You wonder, what is around that corner? Who is she thinking about? Or you recognize and identify with the emotion displayed. Post studies the distinguishing qualities of human nature; our relationships, our passions, how we choose to exist, believe, or interact. The awareness of the similarities we share as humans is skillfully translated into her prints and paintings. Her figures are real; they have been introduced to the world and are coming into fullness.

A professional artists as well as a teacher, Post has held exhibits in Santa Barbara, Carpentaria, Ojai and Long Beach. This is Post’s second solo show with Buenaventura Art Association.

The Buenaventura Art Gallery is located at 700 E. Santa Clara Street, Ventura, CA 93001. Hours are Tuesday-Friday from noon-5pm and Saturday from 11 am to 5pm. Please call (805) 648-1235 or visit