"My Angle on Cuba" photography exhibit by Myrna Cambianica
"At The Tropicana" by Photographer Myrna Cambianica
"At The Tropicana" by Photographer Myrna Cambianica

"Dominoes" by Photographer Myrna Cambianica

"Havana 6am" by Photographer Myrna Cambianica

"Street Walker" by Photographer Myrna Cambianica

Ojai, CA - Offering intimate glimpses of Cuba at the turn of the millennium, a new photography exhibit at Coffee Connection in Meiners Oaks is on the menu along with the espresso and cappuccino. The images in "My Angle on Cuba" are all from photographer Myrna Cambianica's 2001 Ventura College trip to Cuba conducted by photography professor and mentor Bill Hendricks. Reflecting her profound reaction to the Cuban experience, most of the images are tilted to an oblique angle. "Cuba turned my perpendicular life askew with its vibrancy and wealth of spirit," Cambianica explains in her artist statement. "So much to capture: the beautiful people, the sadness under smiles, the ice cream colors of faded walls, the coming and going of ordinary lives - a country and people to be recorded with a twist, not straight on.”

Cambianica discovered a passion for photography in 1998 upon retiring from her career as a successful restaurateur. She has been education chair for the Ojai Photography Club for the past 16 years, identifying judges and presenters for the monthly meetings, as well as mentoring new photographers in the club. Her images have won numerous awards and eight will be installed permanently at Ventura Community Memorial Hospital.

"My Angle on Cuba" will be on view through October 31. The Coffee Connection, serving organically grown fair trade coffee, is located at 311 E El Roblar in Meiners Oaks, open 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.