Film: From River to Sea
playing at the Ventura Film Festival - July 5th

Visually stunning and deeply moving, “From River To Sea” is an emotional, heartfelt story about journeys, decisions and modern life – a story not unlike that of many women we know...

As a small glimpse into the realities of what it means to be a mother in our times, we follow Susan Fink, a filmmaker, whose life after a devastating divorce is at a crossroads. She is 36, without a home of her own, and living with her daughter in her mother's one-bedroom apartment. Her spirit is broken and the relationships with her mother and daughter have been harmed by despair and neglect. While on a trip to Eastern Europe, attempting to film the realities of post-war Jewish life, she confronts her own demons and decides to repair the damage with her mother and daughter. She transforms the journey into one of discovery and fulfillment --seeking advice from friends and family including the famous musician Peter Himmelman who also composed part of the film's score.

Shot on location in Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and Los Angeles, the film follows Susan, her mother, and her daughter on their travels. Using their shared Jewish tradition and her heart as a guide, Susan struggles to heal and reconnect the three generations -- searching for a way to heal herself, and bring them all back together once again.

From River to Sea will be playing in the Ventura Film Festival on Sunday July 5th at 4pm at the Majestic Theater. The director is Susan Fink. Below are links to a few pictures and the film's trailer as well as a brief synopsis.
Director Susan Fink on the road in Eastern Europe in From River to Sea
Famous musician Peter Himmelman interviewed in From River to Sea