City of Ventura Offering Grants for Musicians
Deadline is August 18th

The City of Ventura has asked us to help spread the word about a grant program they have this year for artists, including musicians.

The city of Ventura is offering a $2,000 fellowship for "emerging" artists and $5,000 for "established" artists who either live or work within the city of Ventura. The Fellowship, or Grant, can be used anyway you deem necessary to advance your musical cause (buying a new instrument, paying rent, putting gas in the car, etc.)

The City has $40,000 allocated for this fellowship program and all who either work or live in Ventura are not only welcome, but encouraged to apply. There is no fee.

Where do you find an application, you ask? Well, we've placed an easily downloadable copy of both the guidelines and the application on our website at - you will find the info as part as our Breaking News on the Main Page as well as on the News page.

This is a great opportunity for any musician who works or lives in Ventura County to receive what could be much needed funding to continue their music endeavors. I can't tell you how proud we are of the City of Ventura for reaching out to its artistic community in this and so many more great ways!

Hurry, the deadline to have your applications in is by Monday, August 15th at 5:00pm.

Good luck to all who are eligible to apply!