Buenaventura Art Association brokers an alliance with Elaine Tennen at Ventura College Health Center
Dr. Priscillia Partridge de Garcia to be first artist exhibitor

Buenaventura Art Association brokered an alliance with Ventura College’s Elaine Tennen, the director of the Student Health Center. The association will exhibit works on a rotating basis at the newly opened health center.
Tennen called Buenaventura Art Association wanting to beautify the new health center, she felt that there were a number of walls that were perfect for exhibiting art. Christine Beirne, Executive Director of the association called Bob Moskowitz, head of the Ventura College Art Department and discussed the prospect with Moskowtiz. Moskowtiz felt that since many members were former Ventura College students, the alliance benefited all involved.
Beirne and Buenaventura Art Association office manager Paula Castillo visited the site, met Tennen and agreed that the site was perfect for an art exhibit.
The first artist chosen to exhibit at the Ventura College is watercolorist, Dr. Priscilla Partridge de Garcia. There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, May 29 from 5 – 7 pm at the Ventura College Health Center located on the Ventura College Campus.
Dr. Partridge de Garcia was a counselor at Ventura College for ten years and worked to establish the Women’s Re-entry Center at the College that offered counseling, clothing exchange, mentors, books and support for women at Ventura College.