Audition Notice

Backstage at SPTC (Santa Paula Theater Center), announces auditions for Playzapoppin! (a collection of short one act plays). Most roles are open, with those that are precast are noted below. Many actors will also have the opportunity to be cast in more than one play.

Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 21 and 22, at 7:00 p.m. at the Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 S. 7th Street. No appointment necessary and no need to bring a head shot. Auditions will consist of readings from the scripts. The sides may be found on the website at, and will also be available at the audition. If you have further questions, email Please do not call the box office.

Run Dates: Three consecutive weekends beginning Friday, May 30, and closing Sunday, June 15, nine performances total with a special Thursday performance on June 5. No performance Saturday, June 7. Rehearsals will commence shortly after being cast.

If you wish to read a full script, please request which scripts you would like from and they will be emailed to you. Full scripts will also be available at the auditions.

NEW YEAR'S EVE (Dramady) 10 minutes
A crotchety retirement home resident reflects on past New Year's Eves and laments the currently planned festivities. A young female caregiver attempts to see his point of view.
MR. HOLLINS: (Precast)
LAURA: A caretaker at the retirement home. (F, 20’s to 30’s):

HOLIDAY TREE (Dramady) 10 minutes
A woman is summoned to her estranged mother's home after a neighbor discovers the older woman trimming the Christmas tree in July.
LUCY: (F, 60’s) Elegant, vigorous.
ANNA: (F, 30’s-50’s) Lucy’s daughter.

SAVER (Drama) 10 minutes
A couple stumble over a trunk containing objects collected over the years by the man's father.
DAVID: (M, 30’s+) Married to Tina, has a father (Arthur) that is in early stages of Alzheimer’s.
TINA: (F, late 30’s) Married to David.
ARTHUR: (M, 30’s) Plays in two eras, the one from his salad days and the one in the present, where he is aged.
IRENE: (F, 30’s) In the prime of her life and in love with Arthur.

Three co-workers speculate on various scenarios to explain why a peer was promoted over them.
MIKE: (M) Any age, any race.
ADAM: (M) Any age, any race.
POLLY: (F) Any age, any race.
LEWIS: (M) Any age, any race.
NANC Y: (F) Any age, any race.

LOVELY LITTLE LIFE (Drama) 10 minutes
A couple reflect on the life they've shared together.
KITTY: (F, 50’s+), grew up in Urbana Illinois.
ELEANOR: (F, 50’s+), lived in Los Angeles all her life.
PERSON (CHAMELEON): (F/M, any age)

ALBERT EINSTEIN'S BRAIN (Comedy) 10 minutes
The things you can find on eBay... and the spouses who rain on your parade.
JAKE: (Precast)
LESLIE: (Precast)

ALL THE ANSWERS (Comedy) 10 minutes
Before entering Heaven, a man is eager to have all his questions answered.
ISABELLE: (F, 16 or so) Trapped after death and a bit impatient.
JOE: (M, 40’s) Eager to find out life’s mysteries, but not too focused.

QUITTING TIME (Dramady) 15 minutes
Two women at wedding reception discover they have something in common regarding a certain man.
ANNA: (F, 30’s) A woman with a live connection.
SARAH: (F, 30’s) A woman who has severed ties with that formerly live connection.

JUST DESSERTS (Comedy) 10 minutes
A plan is set in motion to discover the culprit who is stealing lunch items from the workplace refrigerator.
JOYCE: (F, 20’s+)
EVAN: (F, 20’s+)
BECKY: (F, 20’s+)
KRIS/CHRIS: (F/M, 20’s+