The 2009 Concert Series at Santa Paula Theater Center
Saturday May 30th

Richard Lyons and Friends will be performing the “Ezra Clay Project” at the Santa Paula Theater Center, 125 South Seventh Street, Santa Paula,
This just in! The Friends joining Richard Lyons has just been announced:
Backing Vocals: J.B. White and Candace Delbo
Base: Jack Joshua
Drums: Ken Delbo
Fiddle: Mark Parson
Guitars: Lee Rollag
Steel Guitar, Dobro, and Button Accordion: Bill Flores
Ukulele: Peter Bellwood
This will be a one of a kind concert and family friendly.
Reserve your tickets now at our website for Sat., May 30, 2009,
Doors Open 7:00 PM
Show begins 7:30 PM
Tickets $15.00
Richard Lyons lives in Upper Ojai/Santa Paula with his wife Laurie. He took up residence there after spending years in Los Angeles, where he wrote movie and TV music for a living. His musical styles range from classical to Jazz and R&B.
Other than a few formative years in Europe, he spent most of his youth in Kentucky, where story telling comes naturally. And, though he claims to have tried, he couldn’t escape the bluegrass and country music that inundated him at every turn. It left a deep and lasting impression on his memory, as did the natural beauty of that state. And, now, learning about the history of Santa Paula and Ventura County, and working with his hands on his land, has gotten him back in touch with his roots, and he has written a collection of songs that somehow combines both.
Please join us for a wonderful evening of music, friends, and family!
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