“powwow images” Paintings, Figurines and Kinetic ARt by Chuck estvan at the harbor village Gallery

Chuck Estvan is bringing Santa Fe to Ventura! The “Powwow Images” exhibit will be at the Harbor Village Gallery in the Ventura Harbor Village from August 28 through September 28, 2008. An artist reception will be Sat, Sept 6 from 5 – 8 pm. In addition to Estvan’s work, a group exhibit titled “Feelin’ Groovy” will also be showing at the Harbor Village Gallery.

Traditional Native American gatherings have inspired Estvan’s solo show. Vibrantly colored costumes and bold stylistic images focus on individual dances performed at the Powwows, such as the Buffalo Dance, Men’s Fancy Dance or Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance. Estvan’s paintings, figurines and his own patented kinetic art called “Cyclic Vision”, echo the deep history and culture and justly reflect the proud people for which he honors with art works.

Austrian born, Estvan’s interest in Native Americans started when he moved to America and started collecting American Indian trading cards by purchasing bubble gum at 3 Indian-head pennies a piece. Estvan studies and professional accomplishments range from engineer and aviator to inventor and graphic. As an artist Estvan explains that his passion comes from “the challenge of realism in painting portraits. (These) require a different kind of discipline to capture a likeness or the soul of a person”

His subject matter is widely known in Southwestern regions such as Santa Fe, but is a great opportunity for Ventura to experience the dances of a lively performance and feel the friendship and pride Native Americans bring to the Powwow. “Powwow Images” will be Estvan’s first solo show with Buenaventura Art Association.

The Harbor Village Gallery is located at 1591 Spinnaker Dr. Suite 117C in the Ventura Harbor Village. Gallery is open Mon, Wed & Fri from 12 – 5 and Fri thru Sun from 11 to 6 pm. For more information, call the gallery at 805-644-2750 or visit their website at www.harborvillagegallery.com.